Since 2011 AB Technical Consultancy® provides independent technical support services in multiple industries such as the Petro-Chemical, Industrial Construction and the Leisure & Entertainment Industry.



Theme, Attraction & Leisure Industry

Installation supervision, advisory services, project management support, QC and SAT for the installation of new rides, attractions or new themed area's

Being the on-site partner between park owner, ride supplier, general contractor, theme supplier,  ride installer and all other involved parties.

Maintenance and management support for theme parks

Assistance on attraction development, rehab/overhaul of rides, out of season maintenance

Industrial Support Services

On-site installation supervision, project management & TA support, FAT, SAT

Corrective & preventive maintenance support

Creation of checklists, maintenance manuals, lubrication programs and risk- analysis

Planning for new developments

Illumination Projects

Development of light plans for industrial complexes according to labour regulations

Turn-key conversion projects of conventional industrial illumination systems to LED with possibility of including building management systems